Hilary Dodson was born with a type of birthmark known as a haemangoima. The surgery to remove it resulted in facial scarring

How do we prevent scarring?

We fund research into the best treatments to ensure wounds heal with minimal or no scarring. Until we know enough about the way scars form, so we can change the biology of wound healing, we need to do our best to stop wounds from becoming significant scars.

I was always determined never to be defined by having a facial disfigurement and have lived a full life as an academic and now as a psychotherapist.

Hilary Dodson

Methods to prevent scarring include: trying to stop the wound from occurring in the first place; through public health messaging; and trying to ensure the effective treatment of wounds once they have occurred.

The faster a wound heals, the more minimal the scarring caused by the wound will be. Hard to heal wounds can be caused by infections, poor circulation, and nutritional deficiencies as well as by lifestyle and environment.